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Meet Elizabeth...
From her Liverpool roots to her home in America, Elizabeth has spent thirty-five unforgettable years as a psychic medium and grief counselor. Elizabeth's exceptional talents have been recognized by top mediums in Liverpool, who were part of the spiritual movement in the United Kingdom. Elizabeth has made it her life mission to help those in need through her extraordinary abilities and has been sought after worldwide. Elizabeth guides and helps people mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the overwhelming challenges they face on their life journeys.

Today Elizabeth still lights candles, praying with a sense of awareness that her work is a gift from the power of God. 

Everyday she thanks God for her gift and the many people that come into her life. Through readings, she has been able to guide her clients through trying times, as well as be the bearer of good news on many happy and joyous occasions.

Elizabeth is a member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the American Association of Psychics.

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About Elizabeth...

When did you decide to work as a medium and why? 
There wasn’t really a point in my life when I decided to be a medium. That decision was made by the powers that be. My gift simply evolved from when I was a child visiting St Anthony’s Church and All Souls Church. There I would read the notes left by the congregation for help and prayers. I would then pray and light candles for them. 

As a child I always knew that I was different from many of the other kids on the block. I had spirit guides and I called them my angels. They certainly helped me through a difficult childhood. I never told anybody about them as I was conscious that this would not have stood me in good stead with my peers. Being a Leo and a people person I was scared of being isolated so I kept my angels to myself at that time.

As I grew older and went through the trials and tribulations of life I decided to stop drinking and so started on a journey of self discovery. It was on this journey that it became apparent to me and others that I had this gift of communicating.. A gift I consider from God. I now realize this was all part of his divine plan.

During my middle years my daughter bought me a deck of Tarot Cards. After studying them for some time and tuning in with my angels I began to read for a small number of friends at parties. I guess you could say it was my party piece! From that point on, word spread and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing to this day…

What are some of the courses or programs you studied?
I have taken various courses over the years that have resonated with me. These include and are not limited to various courses on Psychology and Counseling at Liverpool University and the Christian Center in Liverpool, UK;. I sat in a ‘circle’ with teacher, medium and mentor – Miriam Russell of Southport, UK for several years. It was Miriam that encouraged me to explore this work further; I studied Spiritual Psychology, Kabala and Tarot with Anthony Hallisey over several years; two years studying with Kate Glover Price, healer and teacher of ancient wisdoms; I attended such self discovery courses as EST with Werner Erhard and then became a helper at later course events. While attending many self discovery workshops I also held workshops in my own home in the UK for recovering alcoholics – these proved beneficial and rewarding for attendees and me alike.

What do you feel is most rewarding about the work that you do?
I meet the loveliest people. Some have the weight of the world on their shoulders – some have lost a child or a loved one. To spend time with them and see them leave a personal reading with their load lightened gives me immense joy. 

How many clients have you had (approximately) over the years? 
Thousands! Thousands of souls from all walks of lives, from different places on this earth and from many different religions….

Did you always have psychic ability? 
Looking back I guess I always had it but didn’t develop it or explore it until my middle years.

Did you know as a child?
As a child I prayed to my angels and saints but wasn’t fully aware that I had a psychic ability. 

What is your ultimate goal in doing this type of work? 
I aim to pass on the message of hope. I hope to ease a burden and lift a heart when it sorely needs lifting. 

For Appointments call  386.237.4241 or email: Elizabeth@elizabethpalin.com
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