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 Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I go about making an appointment to see Elizabeth? 
If you would like to make an appointment for a reading in person or a phone reading, please call 386.237.4241. Alternatively you can email Elizabeth@Elizabethpalin.com with dates you prefer and best time of day. We will contact you with the closest possible appointment.  Elizabeth can also do phone readings.

Can I purchase a reading as a gift?
Absolutely, please email Elizabeth@Elizabethpalin.com or call  386.237.4241.

How often should I get a reading?
3-6 months is quite usual but depends but communicating with spirit is not an instant cure or quick fix to all of life's problems.

Can you summon the loved one I am hoping to connect with?
It is helpful if you think about the person prior to your appointment. The spirit world can sense your energy and can help raise the vibration.

Can you predict the future?
You are in charge of your own life script and you have the power within yourself to change it if so be. Live in today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

How do spirits appear to you? Do you see them all the time?
Sometimes I see spirits, on other occasions I hear and feel or see symbols that the sitter can identify with. On many occasions I take on their mannerisms and personalities and the sitter will recognize their loved one through me. Many a time they tell me their names or will mention names of other loved ones that are either living or deceased. I do not see spirits all the time.

Where is the spirit world or Heaven?
I feel that there is a very thin veil between the living and the spirit world. I believe that the physical and spirit worlds simply have two different vibrations but are much closer than most people believe.

Can they help us from the other side?
They do help giving us support, insight and guidance, but they cannot fix us, only we can fix ourselves through our own free will.

What do spirits do in the afterlife?
They continue expanding spiritually and a lot of spirits, especially young spirits are active in helping people in need on both plains of consciousness.

How often should I get a professional reading?
I would say no more than twice a year.  However, if you are reading for yourself, then you may wish to ask particular questions to the cards on a more regular basis.

How long should the reading take?
Typically, if you are having a reading by yourself, 30 minutes is a good time for your reading.  If you are sitting with a relative, 40 minutes will be enough time for you.

Can anyone learn the Tarot cards?
Absolutely-of course they can.  With a good teacher and a willingness and desire, the Tarot can be learned.

How do I find a good Medium?
I would say that it is like everything else.  You research and ask among friends and colleagues.  There is nothing better than a personal recommendation.  I have included testimonials on my site as a guide.

Are Tarot cards evil?
One word says it all-NO-absolutely not.  A true reader will read the cards as positively as possible for you to help you resolve whatever issues you may have concerns about.  They will want to help you advance and move forward in your life and have a greater understanding-there is nothing evil about that.  Remember I am a medium, not a fortune teller.  I use the Tarot cards as a tool for guidance.