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Children are a gift from God. They are to be honored and treasured. Our children are future extensions of ourselves. In this way, they give us immortality. They need to be loved unconditionally and constantly reassured that they are safe. To know they are safe, they must have trust in our word. To have trust in our word, we must never lie to them, or go back on decisions or boundaries that we have set. 

I hear so many divorce stories where parents use the children as pawns and referees. That is wrong. Children are children, let them be. Adults should sort their own problems out without involving the children. Remember, every action which is incorrect with the Universe will come back. Some call it Karma, some say "what goes around comes around." If your children see you act out of anger or revenge, you are in effect teaching them that this is the correct way to deal with relationship problems. They will do as they are taught with their future spouses...and with you. Mind and be aware of what you teach them. 

Good or bad, they will listen.

This is my Granddaughter, Jessica. She lights up my life. 

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