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From her Liverpool roots to her home in America, Elizabeth has spent thirty-five unforgettable years as a psychic medium and grief counselor. Elizabeth's exceptional talents have been recognized by top mediums in Liverpool, who were part of the spiritual movement in the United Kingdom. Elizabeth has made it her life mission to help those in need through her extraordinary abilities and has been sought after worldwide. Elizabeth guides and helps people mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the overwhelming challenges they face on their life journeys.


Today Elizabeth still lights candles, praying with a sense of awareness that her work is a gift from the power of God. 


Everyday she thanks God for her gift and the many people that come into her life. Through readings, she has been able to guide her clients through trying times, as well as be the bearer of good news on many happy and joyous occasions.


Elizabeth is a member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the American Association of Psychics.


Psychic Medium

Elizabeth is a Psychic Medium. As a Medium, she is able to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world and pass on messages to people from their loved ones and spirit guides. As a Psychic, Elizabeth guides people with problems in their lives, giving them hope and healing. She is also known as 'The Light Giver'.

Personal Readings

Elizabeth provides a 30 minute reading for one or two people. Your personal reading can be with or without tarot cards. 

1 Person 30 min. $140.00

2 People 30 min. $200.00 (combined reading)

Phone Reading

Elizabeth provides a 30 minute phone reading for one person. Phone readings provide the same information as an in-person reading.


1 Person 30 min. $140.00

Group Events

Elizabeth provides a reading for group events as well. Please text for pricing!


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